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  • Prion Disease - Chronic Wasting Disease, MCD and Scrapies.

  • Animal Nutrition - Hoofed Livestock

  • Animal Healthcare - All Animals


Welcome to Zoo Pharma Dynamics, we are a company dedicated to keeping animals healthy and happy through innovative research and development of animal healthcare products. We come from a variety of backgrounds which gives us the ability to view things from different perspectives and to think outside of the box. Limited thinking leads to limited results. We explore all ethical options in our research and development. We work with some of the best veterinarians, scientist and researchers to find solutions to optimize animal healthcare. We are ranchers, farmers, and business owners that want to protect our heritage and natural resources.

Our research and development involves the use of animals and we hold the highest ethical standards in the treatment of animals.  Zoo Pharma Dynamics will never cause harm to an animal through research and development of its products.






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