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Executive Team

Our executive team manages the day-to-day operations of our company. Our leaders come from all areas of the business to help position us to succeed.

jane anne kanke.jpg
Jane-Anne Kanke
Chief Executive Officer/
Chief Financial Officer

Jane-Anne Kanke is an accomplished financial professional with over 20 years of accounting experience. Management experience of 13 years. She has expertise in Financial Management and Analysis, Business Intelligence Reporting, Governmental Accounting, Annual Financial Reporting and Consolidation and External Financial Statement Audit Coordination.  She was a Financial Officer for the University of Texas at Austin, Chief Financial Officer for a distribution company and Senior Director of Financial Systems for the University of North Texas. She is a graduate of Texas State University with a Masters of Business Administration.

mason melton mug.jpg
Joseph Mason Melton
Chief Operations Officer

In his role as Chief Operations Officer, Joseph "Mason" Melton oversees and coordinates daily operations at Zoo Pharma Dynamics. He is an entrepreneur with years of business management and sales experience. He attended Texas Tech University. Born and raised in San Antonio, Mason became a wildlife enthusiast and advocate with his early introduction to hunting and fishing in Texas. He strives to maintain and promote a healthy wildlife and game population in south Texas and beyond.

lauren image 1120.jpg
Lauren McPherson
Public Relations Officer

Lauren oversees the public relations and communication of Zoo Pharma Dynamics on a daily basis. She is an entrepreneur. She operates McPherson 4M Ranch outside of Sonora, TX. 4M Ranch is a full working ranch with hunting and breeding livestock operations. She also operates Pecos Blue Moon LP. Lauren is a graduate of Texas A&M University and has expertise in marketing and business management.

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Charles Rodriguez
Secretary of the Board

Charles Rodriguez is an entrepreneur and small business owner. A graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Charles has worked in the outdoor industry for more than 25 years.

brian kanke 1120.jpg
Brian Kanke

Brian Kanke is a United States Army Veteran and active member of the American Legion Post 0128. He currently owns several business’s. Brian and his wife Julie operates a full working ranch with multiple breeding, nursing and medical facilities.  His animals are his passion. Brian is the driving force behind Zoo Pharma Dynamics research and development. He is a member of the Texas Animal Nutritional Council, Association of American Feed Control Officials, National Animal Supplement Council and the Zoological Association of Americas. Brian is licensed with the Texas State Chemist Office. He believes there is always an answer to solve a problem. 

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